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Individual insurance

Whether you are single, a large family, an owner or a tenant, we offeryou insurance that meets your needs and protects you against thehazards you encounter in your life.

Discover our different solutions below:

EasyProtect :

Your all-in-one policy brings together housing, civil liability, vehicles and life accidents as well as unique services that go beyond conventional insurance.

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Car Insurance :

EasyPROTECT Auto is the most complete car insurance on the market. With the "Safety", "Comfort" and "Performance" packages, we offer a flexible car insurance policy that adjusts to your needs, your income and your car.

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Housing Insurance :

EasyPROTECT Habitation is the comprehensive home insurance that meets your needs and offers you complete coverage that simplifies your life, whether you are an owner or tenant.

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Health and leisure :

Our various leisure insurance solutions provide financial protection for your household and your family in the event of a claim, accident, illness or death.

We offer you a whole range of insurance products that support you in your private life activities, your professional commitments and during your travels.

Our different insurance solutions :

General Accident Insurance
Private Civil Liability Insurance
Carefree Vacations Insurance
Luggage Insurance
DKV illness Insurance
Clubs and Associations Insurance
Insurance for Horses
Hunting Civil Liability Insurance

Insurance for professionals

Whether you run a large company or a small business, a car garage, amedical office, a family hotel or an farming concern, we offercustomized solutions to meet your needs.

We help you with personalized advice in your various insurance and contingency matters.

Discover our various solutions for professionals, listed below:

EasyProtect PRO :

EasyPROTECT PRO is the ideal solution for your professional activity. You can combine all your main insurance policies into one policy, such as:

Fleet & Utility Vehicle Insurance
Insurance of things (buildings, equipment and goods)
Professional civil liability and legal protection
Professional civil liability for certain sectors
Corporate Responsibility
Business Accident Insurance
Office, computer and professional equipment breakage

Your business, your property and yourself are protected from damage, risks and their consequences.

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APROBAT for building:

"Comprehensive Site" building Insurance:

This package offers all interested parties (owner of works, contractor, architect, engineer, developer, ...) effective financial protection. It covers all participants on the site, i.e. the contractor including its subcontractors, the various trades and the owner of the works during the construction period.

Ten-Year Liability Insurance:

Architects, contractors, engineers and designers as well as developers are subjected y the Civil Code to two year and ten year warranties. But who steps in if problems arise and the responsible participant cannot keep his commitments or worse still, is in a state of bankruptcy?

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Lalux-Staff Protect

Are you looking for an efficient complementary pension plan (RCP) solution for your employees?

Lalux-Staff Protect is the ideal professional contingency plan. Our RCP Insurance experts help you and offer you solutions tailored to your business.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance offers ideal protection against the hazards of life. It offers you appropriate solutions to grow your capital, plan your retirement with peace of mind and benefit from tax advantages.

We offer you a broad range of variants meeting your needs, your financial situation and your family situation.

Savings and investment insurance:

lalux-Golden Rent
lalux-Safe Invest

Death insurance:

Outstanding balance – Mortgage insurance

Protection and contingency insurance:

lalux-Study Cover

Additional insurance:

Road accidents
Permanente disability

Insurance Audit

Considering that we benefit from a sound and broad knowledge of all insurance areas and branches particularly especially in the field of insurance for businesses, companies and corporations, we offer to conduct an audit of the insurance situation of your company or corporation. We will review the existing risks as well as your insurance policies based on your field / sector of business. We will focus our analysis on the key elements of the various policies such as insured risks, insured persons, insured amounts, deductibles, exclusions, premiums and general and administrative terms. Our findings will be presented in a report that highlights the strong points and weak points of your insurance situation and our recommendations for optimization and improvement.

We will also highlight, as needed, your savings possibilities in relation to the different policies and their premiums to be paid. This aspect is often an important opportunity for reducing the operating costs of a business.

The report will be used as a support and assistance in negotiations with your respective insurers and intermediaries.