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Real estate brokerage


Looking for and finding a piece of property to buy or rent these days is not an easy task.

Considering the complexity of the real estate market as well as the multitude of existing offers, finding the item that best meets the budgets, criteria and specificities that you have set is often very difficult and requires advanced know-how in the area of real estate and construction.

Scheduling appointments and frequent visits for items that do not meet expectations and criteria, malevolent and / or incompetent sellers, questions that remain unanswered and resulting disappointment, often come with visits.


Let us take care of this job for you!

Together with you, we will establish a complete structured catalogue that summarises your requirements, criteria, budgets and wishes.

On the basis of the elements of the catalogue mentioned above, we will handle the market survey. We will then make a pre-visit of the potential items and we will prepare a small selection meeting your criteria, that will be presented to you in the form of a proposal file.

As needed, one of our specialised agents can then discretely come with you and visit the items you selected from our proposals in order to assist you in negotiations and the sale.

Owner of the works assistance

You or your company own a piece of land and you wish either to build your house / villa or you are looking to upgrade your land by completing a building for rental or sale but you hesitate to go ahead due to the fact that you lack experience in the building area?

DARE and let us assist you as the owner of the works.

We will handle your project from A to Z as if it were ours. Thus you will benefit from our know-how and you will see your project completed without stress, fears and uncertainties.

We will take care of all the phases of the completion of your project and apply our combined expertise in the area of construction, finance and economic consulting.

In close coordination and communication with you, we will take care of the steps and details listed below:

Preliminary project

- Review of land location based on PAG
- Determination and description of the building programme
- Elaboration of the specifications
- First budget estimation and profitability calculation
Project financing

-  Analysis of tax aspects, VAT
- Review of legal ownership structure (company status …)
- Subsidies and grants
- Financing concept
- Elaboration of the bank credit file
- Assistance to bank negotiation
Start-up of project

- Assistance in the negotiation and conclusion of contracts with design offices (architects, engineers, approved bodies, etc.)
Coordination of the elaboration of the completion schedule
Assistance in the development of the building morphology, infrastructure and the energy of the building morphology, infrastructure and the energy and acoustic concept
Coordination of authorization files (PAP, commodoincommodo, building permit, road permits, etc.)
General construction and project insurance
Advice and assistance in establishing the business strategy of the project
Monitoring and coordination of project proposals with the design offices (preliminary draft, detailed preliminary draft, final draft)
Adaptation and finalization of the project budget

Completion and delivery

Bid file completion coordination design offices
Assistance with the analysis of the bid results
Assistance in the negotiation and placing of orders with construction companies and craftsmen
Follow-up on the compliance of the works with the orders and the construction program
Monitoring of compliance with budget and schedule
Claims and dispute management as needed
Assistance with the delivery of the works and the project
Recovery of "As-Build" files
Coordination of the final settlement of the operation
Sale and rental

- VMC3 will find buyers and/or tenants for your project
- Preparation of lease agreement and preliminary sale contract
- Coordination with solicitors


Asset administration

Are you the owner of one or more pieces of property?

Do you want to manage and enhance your pieces of property?

Unfortunately, you lack time to take of them properly and / or you do not have the necessary know-how?
We manage your properties for you!

VMC3 offers to manage your piece of property or your real estate in a professional and effective way according to standardized quality procedures.

As part of this service, we offer the following services:

Permanent or occasional representation of the owner:

Ensure owner's duties
Attendance at General Meetings and Boards of Directors
Administrative and legal management on behalf of the owner
Documentation and visualization of the real estate portfolio
Organization of building measurements and surveys (plans, plat map …)
Organization vertical plat map completion
Organization and management of building authorisations
Organization and management of work permits
Organization of the establishment of Energy Passports
Advice in litigation settlement
Portfolio analysis and management plan
Insurance status analysis
Claims and insurance policy management

Organization and follow-up of:

- LTechnical maintenance and upkeep
Maintenance of premises, interior and exterior cleaning.

Negotiation and management of maintenance contracts and services:

Organisation of, and follow up on, building construction
Property sales, purchases, and rental
Lease agreement management
Contact with tenants
Rental accounts, expense management and advances
Property finance and budget management and follow up
Tax management and follow up and economic advising
Personnel and external provider management